Max Stibbe Waldorf School is a place where children
can blossom and reach their full potential,
academically, emotionally and spiritually!

Welcome to Max Stibbe Waldorf School,
where children love to learn!

Max Stibbe Waldorf School is very different to other private schools. Although tangible, the difference is almost indefinable in words. It is the combination of many unique features; the peaceful setting, wide open spaces and tall trees, the caring and friendly atmosphere, the one-on-one relationship that each child has with his/her teacher, the joyful abandon of children running, laughing, playing…

We are situated on a beautiful, organic farm, in the tranquil Mooiplaats area, about 20 minutes east of central Pretoria. In this stress-free setting, children are protected from many of the dangers that beset them in urban schools, and are encouraged to interact with nature.

We believe that children should be children, for as long as possible. Unlike most private schools, we believe that education is a journey, not a race. We foster cooperation, rather than competition, between learners.

The School is small and intimate, independent, international, multi-cultural, co-educational and non-denominational.

The unique Waldorf method emphasizes holistic education practices, with the aim of educating the whole child, “head, heart and hands”.

We have successfully applied the Waldorf approach to the South African context, in a manner that addresses the issues of identity and multi-culturalism. Our educational principles resonate with the African notions of self-respect and dignity, combined with a comprehensive curriculum that is based on the worth of the whole individual.

What we offer your children

Waldorf education is a dynamic, broad approach to education. It is “preparation for the whole of life that cannot be duplicated in a traditional school setting.

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Children benefit from the elegantly simple Waldorf philosophy:

to educate the whole child,
by stimulating the mind and by schooling the hands,
by fostering an enduring love of learning,
and instilling a sense of affinity and commitment to themselves and others,
by encouraging respect for humanity and reverence for Nature,
and by creating a close community of learners, parents and teachers.

At Max Stibbe School, children are inspired to become effective and purposeful in the world. Imbued with a love of learning, they are prepared to face their future with confidence, competence and initiative.

“Waldorf education is not a pedagogical system
but an art – the art of awakening what is actually
there within the human being.” Rudolf Steiner

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